June 4, 2018


Myra Eberwine
I met Dr. Hollander late April of this year, and after testing, he advised me that I needed a minor procedure done.  After explaining my diagnosis and the details of the procedure ahead, he then proceeded to give me a lip-balm with his name and contact number on it. "He said feel free to call the number on the lip balm if you have any issues or questions."  I remember thinking to myself, "it's probably just an answering service, no doctor I've ever met allows you to ask questions directly without an appointment." After my procedure, I had some discomfort and issues adjusting.  I was taking 2000 mg of ibuprofen daily. I pulled out the lip-balm out of my purse and called the number and left him a detailed message of my concerns. He immediately called back.  Yes, HE called back!, not an answering service. I have had questions along my recovery time, and I have been able to text him, and in return he responds very quickly putting my concerns at ease.  I've never experienced such professionalism and care.  He does not only provide treatment for his patients, he also provides care. Thank you Dr. Hollander for making me feel like my concerns actually matter and taking the time out of your busy schedule to respond to my questions during  my times of need. I would recommend his practice to anyone that needs it.